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Inter-Library Loan Requests

New Hampshire inter-library loan service is currently in operation (as of Sept 20, 2020) Due to COVID 19 precautions and the different local situations for each library, some titles may take a while to arrive or not be available to borrow, and precautionary mandatory book quarantine periods at each end mean slower delivery to borrowers. You can search the N.H. catalog and then use the form below to ask Library staff to request specific titles, or specific topics (please indicate age level and number of titles wanted). Allow 2-3 weeks after we request the item before it will be available to you.

AFTER the pandemic ends, if the item is not available in N.H., please indicate if you want us to look further. Out of state libraries often but not always charge a $15-20 fee to lend to small public libraries, and it will take a little longer, but we can usually manage to make arrangements.

Please check our catalog  first, to see if we already own the item you are looking for.

You can use the form below to ask us to request items from other New Hampshire libraries after September 15, 2020 (subject to change). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are not currently requesting anything from other States.

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