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Pillsbury Free Library » Computer Use and Internet Policies

Computer Use and Internet Policies

XIII. Public Computer Use and Internet Protection Policies

A. Acceptable Computer Use

1. Computer time must be scheduled at the main desk with the library staff. The user may request a preferred computer if available, or otherwise a computer will be specified by staff. If others are waiting to use a computer and all of them are in use or a particular computer is needed due to its unique characteristics, the user will be asked to comply with the posted time limit.

2. Any computer work that needs to be saved must be downloaded to a storage disk or device provided by the user or the library. A fee to cover costs may be charged if the disk is provided by the library. Work may not be saved to the hard drive. Any files saved on the computer will be erased on reboot.

3. For any printouts made, a standard fee will be charged to help cover the cost of materials. Failure to pay for printouts or to make arrangements to pay later may result in denial of computer privileges. Parents or guardians will be responsible for paying for pages printed by their child.

4. Damage or problems caused by a user’s device that was connected to a library computer or network may result in costs being charged to the responsible person. If intentional, future computer and/or library privileges will be denied.

5. The Library’s computers may not be used for any illegal purposes. This includes but is not limited to hacking, child pornography, copyright violations, and bullying, threats, or other harassment. It is the responsibility of the user to not violate any laws when using the Internet. The Library will cooperate with law enforcement or investigations as required by law.

6. Users are responsible for the cost of any goods or extra services he/she has contracted for over the Internet. Users must make their own arrangements to pay and may not bill charges to the Library or its account. Any user incurring charges to the Library, whether intentionally or accidentally, will be responsible for promptly reimbursing the Library for those charges. Parents or guardians will be responsible for paying for any charges their child may incur while accessing the Internet.

7. Computer users must be considerate of other library and computer users, and not cause offense or disturbance during or through use of the computer. Excessive discussions with other users, loud commentary or laughter, display of offensive material on the computer screen, or cell phone use while at the computer may result in the denial of computer use or a request to move to another area temporarily. Library users personally disturbed by the behavior of another are requested to alert the library staff.

8. Library users engaging in email or other online communication must use their own accounts.

9. Any library user who violates any of the above library computer use policies, shall be denied the use of the computers for a time to be determined by the Library Director.

10. Any library user who has unpaid library fines more than 2 weeks old for overdue, missing, or damaged items, or owes payment for printouts, will be denied use of the computers until payment is completed.

11. Users should notify a librarian if they notice any issues with hardware or software that need to be corrected by the Library staff.

B. Internet Protection Policy

1. The Pillsbury Free Library has no control over materials found on the Internet. Due to the nature of the Internet, not all the information will be accurate, up-to-date, reliable or complete. The Library takes no responsibility for quality of information or images found.

2. Due to the imperfect nature of available Internet filtering systems, the Library does not use filters to limit access to Internet content, nor to protect users from information on the Internet they might find offensive, controversial, or inappropriate. Library card holders wishing to access the Internet on the library’s public access computers must first sign a one-time Internet Use Agreement, acknowledging this and other elements of the Library’s computer policies. Non card-holders must sign an Internet Use Agreement on each day that they wish to use the Internet .

3. Children under the age of 18 must have the signed consent of a parent or guardian to use the Internet on library computers. This can be done on a per-event basis or permanent (until revoked) basis. Children under 18 who do not have approval for Internet access from a parent or legal guardian will not be allowed to use any Internet-connected library computer.

4. Once a child has appropriately signed permission to access the Internet, the Library staff will allow the child to use any of the public computers. The Library staff will not monitor any child’s use of the Internet, nor censor what they may find there. The role of supervising or monitoring a child’s access to the Internet, as for any other Library resource, is appropriately that of the child’s parents or guardians, and not the Library staff.

5. The Library provides password-protected wireless (“WiFi”) Internet access that may be used by anyone using a WiFi-capable device who knows the password. The library takes no responsibility for the security or content of materials transmitted, received, or intercepted on the library WiFi access.  It is recommended that people use password protected wifi for better online security, but these passwords are publicly published locally.

6. Use of the Library’s public access computers for Internet access is also governed by the Library’s policies for Acceptable Computer Use (above) and Library Equipment Policy.

This policy replaces all previous computer use policies: approved July 2011, amended 2018 and 2020 (wifi changes)

see also Social Media Policy

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Related Policy: Information Systems Policy (draft in progress June 2011) describing staff responsibilities and access to equipment including what the Library staff shall do to protect data and equipment.

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