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Artists and Crafts People of Warner, N.H.



    • Jim McLaughlin
    • Ken Hazen
    • Craig August – Burl Bowls
    • Gary Young – Bowls, etc

Ceramic Arts

    • Susan Bliss – Terracotta Tiles
      114 E Joppa Road, Warner, NH 03278, 603/456-3276
    • Susan Beere – Tiles
    • Peter Sabin (retired 2013)

Fabric arts

    • Betsy Giberson – hand-dyed silk: shape-resist & piece dyed clothing and accessories.

Fine Woodworking

Glassmaking and Glass Craft

    • Dudley Giberson and Carolyn Rordam – Joppa Glassworks, Inc.
    • Bob Fletcher – stained-glass pictures.


Painters and Printers

    • Lucille Amaro Chmura – oil and acrylic paintings
    • David Carroll – portraits from Nature (especially turtles, bears, plants)
    • Laurette Carroll – landscapes, flowers
    • Sean Carroll – landscapes, fishing
    • Michael Couture (Portraits of people and animals)
    • Ricky Couture (Surrealist modern art)
    • Becky Darling – Watercolor, etc.
    • Jan Derby
    • Linda L. Donovan – Art Restoration (603)-456-3718
    • Tansy Furlong English – silk screening  and photos
    • Rianna Frost – Painted Feathers
    • Charles Goodwin, 100 North Village Rd., (603)-456-3885
    • Denise Green – rustic scenes in watercolor and acrylic
    • Jamie Murray – Fantasy and portraits, see also photography
    • Mike Savlen, Sporting Marine and Landscape art:
    • Mimi Wiggin, Nature and landscapes, painted furniture.
      98 Howe Lane 456-3482



Past Resident Artists and Craftspeople

  • Wilhelmina Bodine, Painter  (moved away in 2010)
  • Sylvia Brofos (moved to Contoocook)
  • Rosemary Brofos, Painter. (moved to Florida, 2009)
  • Charles E. Brown, Painter (deceased)
  • Fred Creed, basketmaker (deceased 2014)
  • Robert DeAngelis (wood turning) – moved to Concord 2017
  • Rick Elkins – Rising Moon Pottery (moved 2004)
  • Martha Mae Emerson – jewelery (moved to Concord 2014)
  • Tansy Furlong English – silk screening and fine art photography (moved 2013)
  • Jan Eugenides, Painter and musician (moved away 2003)
  • Dwight Graves, Potter (now lives in Arizona)
  • Edgar Keen (1896-1964), Wood carver (in Warner 1930’s – 40’s- later moved to Arizona)
  • Jane LaBelle -LaBelle Cool Warm Hats,603-496-5755
    Now living in Colorado, but still a member of the league of N.H. Craftsmen.
  • June Lindner (moved out of state in 2010)
  • Heidi M. Lorenz – (moved 2008)
  • John MacAlevy – Fine Furniture (moved to Maine)
  • Myrna McCarthy – Copley Prints Photographic Art (moved to Newbury, NH)
  • Dawn Marion (Painter) (now in Center Ossippee, NH)
  • JemGlass Studio, Jen Mitchell (moved to Bradford 2013)
  • Nancy Nemec – Kearsarge Studio (deceased Feb 1, 2003)
  • Ralph Pratt – Painter (deceased)
  • Faye Puglia, Painter, (Deceased 2009)
  • Dennis E. Sheehan (moved in 2008)
  • Leslie Stone – weaving (moved 2004)
  • Conrad Szymkowicz – formerly of Bradford, NH
  • Virginia Q. Taylor – Photographs
  • Tara Van Meter, etched and carved lead crystal & glass (moved to Washington NH)
  • Barbarie (Babs) van Valey – painting and fabric design (now in Concord NH)
  • Herbert (Ho) Waters – Printer (deceased) sample prints

If you know of someone who should be added to this
list, please contact us.

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2 Responses to Artists and Crafts People of Warner, N.H.

  1. Ted Blachly says:

    Nice compilaton of the arts people in Warner. Could you add my website to this list

    Also Van Mcleod has asked me to rally artists/ craftspeople/ musicans in town to participate in the NH Open doors event Nov 5 -6 He sees Warner as a happenin’ place and thinks we should put on some events that weekend.

    • nladd says:

      Thanks, Ted, I will add your website to your listing – thanks for submitting it.
      Let me know as soon as you have an event description and I will add details to the Warner events calendar on this site.

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