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Pillsbury Free Library
Serving Warner, NH since 1892
Mondays & Wednesdays: 1 - 5 pm
Tuesdays & Thursdays: 9 am -12 pm, 1 - 8 pm
Saturday: 9 am - 2 pm

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Library newsletter 2020-12-03 Original format
“Auction” items for sale, Holiday decorations, Tax appeals, More local shopping, KRSD yearbooks, and more!

Library newsletter 2020-11-25 Original format
Library Covid protocols, Wreaths and trees, Tax payments, and more!

Library newsletter 2020-11-19 Original format
NH Mask Order, Shop Local, Food Pantry Quilt Raffle, making pdf docs, Craft kits, and more!

Library newsletter 2020-11-12 Original format
Sidewalk work, Conservation Survey, Job Fair, DPW grant, Kanopy movies and more!

Library newsletter 2020-11-05 Original format
Election results, Waste Collection Day, American Legion, Obituaries, Digital books app, Museum stores, and more!

Library newsletter 2020-10-29 Original format
Fire permits, Snow day policies, War diaries, TDS email accounts, Museum events

Library newsletter 2020-10-22 Original format
Scary stories and movies, Postal service, Genealogy, Covid updates, Museum exhibits

Library newsletter 2020-10-15 Original format
Sample Ballots, MainStreet Warner Inc, CAP changes, Theramin music, Covid at Pine Rock, Ion counter, Ghost stories, Poetry, Currier exhibit, NH Parks

Library newsletter 2020-10-08 Original format
Halloween, Virus study, Fall Festival, Ballot counters, Matt Esenwine book launch

Library newsletter 2020-10-02 Original format
MFA passes, Town administrative assistant, catalog searching

Library newsletter 2020-09-25 Original format
Bipolar ionization, Fall Festival, Ballot requests

Library newsletter 2020-09-18 Original format
Edible books, Plant sale, EBSCO, note cards, news.

Library newsletter 2020-09-11 Original format
Fire Department, InterLibrary loans, Property Tax evaluations

Library newsletter 2020-09-04 Original format
Stained glass, voting, mums, local businesses, online language program.

Library newsletter 2020-08-28 Original format
WFFF, Ballot counters, magazines, art/gift businesses.

Library newsletter 2020-08-21 Original format
New Pastor, local Food & eateries

Library newsletter 2020-08-14 Original format

Library newsletter 2020-08-07 Original format

Library newsletter 2020-07-31 Original format

Library newsletter 2020-07-24 Original format

Library newsletter 2020-07-17 Original format

Library newsletter 2020-07-10 Original format

Library newsletter 2020-07-03 Original format

Library newsletter 2020-06-26 Original format

Library newsletter 2020-06-19 Original format

Library newsletter 2020-06-12 Original format

Library newsletter 2020-06-05 Original format

Library Newsletter 2020-05-29 Original format

Library newsletter 2020-05-22 Original format

Library newsletter 2020-05-15 Original format

Library newsletter 2020-05-08 Original format

Library newsletter 2020-05-01 Original format

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