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Trustee Meetings

The Pillsbury Free Library Board of Trustees and subcommittees are meeting in-person at the library. Occasionally there will be a zoom link provided for a hybrid meeting if a member of the Board cannot attend and requests remote access.

Never used Zoom? Find instructions on our Zoom help page

Trustees of the Library meet on the third Tuesday of each month, currently at 6:30 pm  in the Frank Maria Meeting Room of the Library, OR if called by the Chair, as needed. At least 24 hours notice will be given. Meetings are open to the public.

Trustee committees meet as needed to discuss or work on projects. Committees at this time are: Buildings and Grounds, Policies & Personnel, Budgeting and Finances, Programs and PR, and Technology. Meetings are posted in the Library, Town Hall and Warner Post Office and on the Warner Events Calendar.

Meetings will be posted on the Warner Events Calendar when scheduled, at least 24 hours in advance in the calendar, or you can contact the library.

Reports available on request for each monthly meeting include financial summaries, the Director’s report, and Committee meeting reports.

2023 Minutes (posted when approved)
January 2023 Trustee Minutes (pdf)
February 2023 Trustee Minutes (pdf)
March 2023 Trustee Minutes (pdf)
April 2023 Trustee Minutes (pdf)
May 2023 Trustee Minutes (pdf)
June 2023 Trustee Minutes (pdf)
July 2023 Trustee Minutes (pdf)
August 2023 Trustee Minutes (pdf)
September 2023 Trustee Minutes (pdf)
October 2023 Trustee Minutes (pdf)
November 2023 Trustee Minutes (pdf)
December 2023 Trustee Minutes (pdf)

Annual reports:
2022 Annual Treasurer’s Report
2022 Annual Director’s report and statistics

Minutes and Reports from past years

2022 Library Trustee Minutes and reports
2021 Library Trustee Minutes and Reports
2020 Library Trustee Minutes   
2019 Library Trustee Minutes 
2018 Trustee meetings and minutes
2017 Trustee Meetings
2016 Trustee meeting agendas and reports
2015 Trustee meeting agendas and reports
2014 Trustee meeting agendas and reports 
2013 Trustee meeting agendas and reports
2012 Trustee meeting agendas and reports
2011 Trustee meeting agendas and reports

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