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The New Hampshire Downloadable Books Consortium now offers free digital magazines, officially known as “Nook Periodicals”. The digital magazines are now featured along with the growing collection of eBooks and eAudiobooks, too!

Things to Know:

  • The Nook Periodicals require a Nook app (Get Nook App for your device) on a compatible device.
  • Users are required to register the app with a Barnes & Noble account. (No credit card required!)
  • Compatible devices include:
    • iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches
    • All Android tablets and phones
    • Windows 8+
    • Nook HD, HD+, Nook Tablet, Nook Color
  • Users can check out three (3) magazines each week.
  • After seven (7) days, the magazines are automatically removed from your OverDrive account and you can check out more periodicals. (However, the issues stay on your device and do not expire. You can, however, choose to archive or delete them.)
  • The three (3) magazine checkouts do not count against eBook/audiobook checkout limits.
  • At this time, only current issues are available for checkout.

Getting Starteda:

  1. Register>>Register for a free account (no credit card necessary) at and make note of the account details. (There is no email verification necessary, so be sure to type carefully.) You’ll need the email address and password when you register your device (or Nook app) and the first time you send a magazine to the device.
  2. Get app>>Search your device’s app store for the Nook app (or Get Nook App for your device here) and download the free app to your device. Use the same login credentials that you used on the B&N site to sign in to the app for the first time.
  3. Browse>>You can then visit (recommend using your device’s browser and not the OverDrive app’s built-in browser in this initial setup process, after which you can then revert to using the OverDrive app’s built-in browser) to browse for magazines (remember to log in to your OverDrive account, using your library barcode).
  4. Search>>You can search for magazines by name, or use the Advanced Search and change the Format to the “Nook Periodicals” option in the Format dropdown box and then use the Search button to display the current magazine collection.
  5. Send to NookSend>>Once you find a magazine that you would like to check out, click on “Send to Nook app”
  6. Accept>>A pop-up window will open, explaining what happens the first time you send a periodical to NOOK. Select Accept to Continue. [Note: Check Don’t show this message again if you don’t want to see this pop-up every time you get a periodical from your library.]
  7. Sign-in>>And if you aren’t already signed into your OverDrive account, sign in. Once signed into your OverDrive account, you are immediately directed to your B&N account. Use the same email address and password used to set up the account on the new Nook app on your device. And permission must be given in order to use the magazines.
  8. Grant Access>>After you’ve signed into (or created) your NOOK account, select Grant Access. This is a one-time step that allows periodicals in your OverDrive account to be sent to your NOOK account, and then ultimately to your compatible Nook device or Nook app.
  9. Read>>To read the now borrowed magazine using the Nook app (or your Nook tablet), simply launch the app (or go to Library > Magazines on your Nook tablet) and the magazine should be ready for reading.
    [Note: If the periodical wasn’t successfully sent to your NOOK account, you’ll find it still waiting on your Bookshelf (located under your Account on OverDrive). From here, you can select Re-send to NOOK app to try again, or Clear from Bookshelf to remove it from your library account.]

Special Instructions for:

  • Windows 8 Devices:
    • Get the Nook app from the Windows Store (a) if using touch screen swipe left from the right side of the screen to bring up charms; (b) If using a mouse, bring the mouse to RIGHT ABOVE the time/date section of the task bar on the bottom of the screen, and the charms will appear; (c) if using your keyboard, press and hold the Windows logo key and the letter “c” key. Once the charms appear, select the search option, and type in “Store”. The Windows app store will come up, click, and simply search for “Nook”. Download to proceed.
    • After downloading and launching the Nook app, you’ll be presented with the option to sign in with either your Microsoft Account, or a Nook Account. Be sure to sign in with a Nook account, not the Microsoft account. (You might be required to create a new Nook account at and not through the app itself.)
    • At this point, proceed to step 3 in the regular procedures outlined above.
  • Kindle Fire devices:
    • Go to Settings >> Device >> Turn on “Allow Installation of Applications from Unknown Sources.”
    • Navigate to on the Silk browser and search for the Nook app and then install it.
    • Register for a free Barnes & Noble account at and use these credentials to sign in to the Nook app.
    • At this point, proceed to step 3 in the regular procedures outline above.

With thanks to Bobbi Slossar of NHSL and Hooksett Public Library for the above text!

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