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Meeting Room Equipment

The following items are available for use in the Frank Maria Meeting Room for programs and instructional uses.

Presentation equipment: Television (50″ plasma), DVD/video players, extension cords.
Laptop, speakers, laser pointer, LCD projector (and any necessary cables or accessories), Meeting OWL.  The electronic projector, OWL, and/or laptop must be booked in advance and may sometimes be in use elsewhere. Problems and malfunctions should be immediately reported to staff. Other computer accessories such as webcams, disk and card readers, cables, etc. belonging to the library may be checked out for use with a library computer or a personal device being used in the library. Such items must be returned to the circulation desk after use. The borrower is responsible for replacement or repair costs of any accessory that is lost, stolen, or damaged before being checked back in.

Easels, pull-down screen and portable projector screens, tables, chairs, podium, etc. Other items such as standing lamps and magnifier devices may also be brought to the room from elsewhere in the building as needed, by arrangement.

Kitchen equipment: Refrigerator,  2 microwaves, 2 crock pots, popcorn popper, 12-cup coffee maker (and filters), hot water kettle, 20-cup coffee and hot water urns, 2 thermal beverage containers, 3 cold drink pitchers, large bowls, cookie platters, ceramic mugs, 2 glass punch bowls and glass cups, cutting board, misc. utensils. (Leave clean after use)

Cleaning equipment: (vacuum cleaner, sponges and sink) may be used for programs and events in the Frank Maria Meeting Room. The equipment must be left clean after use.

Consumables (coffee filters, creamer, sweeteners, etc.) are available in limited quantities but must be replaced or paid for by the event organizers or participants.

Visual aid devices such as magnifiers, lamps, etc. are available for use in the Library by any library visitor.

Library telephones are primarily for staff use but may occasionally be used to make essential local (non-fee) calls, or other calls approved by staff. Calls should be kept short, civil, and quiet, so as to not disturb other library users. A contribution may be requested for toll calls.

Bathroom facilities: the two bathrooms (one handicap accessible) are just across the hall from the meeting room.

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