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Pillsbury Free Library ยป Policy on Cooperation with Other Libraries

Policy on Cooperation with Other Libraries

A.     The Board of Trustees and the Librarian will be alert to opportunities for cooperation with other libraries to strengthen the services and resources of the library.

B.      The Library Staff will attend area library coop meetings, and other professional conferences and interest groups when appropriate, in the interests of promoting communication and cooperation for mutual benefit of all.

C.     The Library Staff shall be subscribed to appropriate State and other library electronic communication forums such as List-servs and blogs, and shall monitor and participate in them for the benefit of the Library.

D.     The Library and its staff shall be enrolled in relevant professional associations such as NHLA, NELA and ALA and group subdivisions such as CLNH, READS, and PLA. The Library shall pay the membership fees for whichever associations and subdivisions the Library Director determines to be appropriate.

Amendments reviewed and revised February 20, 2007 and August 18th, 2020.

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