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Pillsbury Free Library » Policy on Displays

Policy on Displays

Pillsbury Free Library display areas include bulletin boards, other library surfaces and display cases. These spaces are available, when not in use for Library purposes and by arrangement with a Librarian.

  1. Bulletin Boards: Several bulletin boards are available for informational flyers/posters of organizations and individuals engaged in educational, cultural, informational, intellectual and charitable activities. (Maximum size of 8.5 x 11 inches)
  2. Library Surfaces: Leaflets and brochures that contain information of potential use to Warner Residents may be placed on designated surfaces.
  3. Display Cases: Hobby, craft and art exhibits are encouraged, depending on available space and are displayed at the owner’s risk and with the permission of the Library Director. Owners shall complete a Library Display Form. (see attached)
  4. Easels or free standing signs: Larger posters, art work, and announcements of music and drama events, civic programs and similar items may be displayed in the library by arrangement with the Library Director. The display or exhibit must not interfere with the general operation of regular Library activities, nor should it detract from the general appearance of the library facility.
  5. Political or Advocacy Materials: No materials, leaflets or posters that advocate the election of a candidate, or position on an issue, political or otherwise, shall be posted or actively distributed in the library. The library may receive such materials, leaflets, and posters without prejudice and make them available to the public in a designated location.
  6. Solicitation Materials: No organization or for profit organization or individual shall be permitted to solicit or place in the library any box, receptacle or canister which solicits donations, nor shall any poster or display be permitted which advocates or solicits consideration of any product or item sold by any commercial or charitable enterprise with the exception of anything pertaining to the library.
  7. Petitions: Petitions or petitioning will not be allowed.

NOTE: Approved materials may be discarded after 30 days without notification of the sponsoring organization. Materials not approved or placed in the library without approval, will be discarded without notification.

Adopted October 2005. Revised February 21, 2023

 The Library is a Limited Public Forum. As such the Library Board of Trustees may create and enforce policies that limit activity that impedes the library’s mission and purposes as a place of study, reading, and information access.
Kriemer v. Bureau of Police for Morristown, 958 F2d 1242 (1992)

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