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Pillsbury Free Library
Serving Warner, NH since 1892
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Policy on Programs

Pillsbury Free Library Programming Policy

Adopted March 2022

Pillsbury Free Library will strive to provide educational, inspirational and cultural programs that:

 – Expand the Library’s role as a community resource
–  Introduce patrons and non-users to Library resources
–  Provide opportunities for lifelong learning
–  Expand the visibility of the library

Programs are selected by the library staff, with input from the Programs and Publicity Committee, based on their relevance to community needs and interests, popular appeal, and suitability for the age group for whom the program is intended.  The following criteria are used in making decisions about program topics, speakers and accompanying resources:

–  Community needs and interests
–  Availability of space
–  Treatment of content for intended audience
–  Presentation quality
–  Presenter background / qualifications
–  Budget
–  Relevance in community interests and issues
–  Historical or educational significance
–  Connection to other community events, and exhibits
–  Relation to library collections, resources, exhibits and events

All library classes and events are open to the public.  Registration may be required when space is limited.  Library classes and events are not used for commercial, religious or partisan purposes or the solicitation of business. 

The Library welcomes expression of opinions from patrons concerning our programs.  Any concerns should first be addressed to the Library Director.  Continued concerns will be considered in the same manner as requests for reconsideration of library materials.

Pillsbury Free Library Trustees
Programs and Publicity Committee
March 15, 2022

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