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Meeting Room Policy

Anyone wishing to book the library’s meeting room must comply with the following policies. To request a time,  please check the Meeting Room Availability Calendar then contact us to verify the room is available. There is no charge to use the room for eligible events.

Meeting Room Policy 2021  as pdf

Use of the Frank Maria Meeting Room

Anyone wishing to book the library’s meeting room must comply with the following policies. To request a time, contact us to see if the room is available, and complete a Room Reservation form and the Hold Harmless agreement. There is no charge to use the room.

XIV. Meeting Room Policy (revised November 2021)

The Pillsbury Free Library’s Frank Maria Meeting Room is dedicated to world peace and understanding, in honor of Warner resident and library benefactor Frank Maria.
The meeting room shall be made available on an equitable basis regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting them.

A. Any non-profit entity, individual or group wishing to reserve the Frank Maria meeting room must comply with Library policies.
A not-for-profit group is defined as a group that is either a verifiable 501(C)(3) entity through the IRS, or is an informal group that does not charge a fee for meeting or event attendance.

B. The Frank Maria Room Reservation Form and Pillsbury Free Library Hold Harmless Agreement Form must be submitted to library staff. There is no charge to use the room. Private parties, (for example: family, friends, or office parties) and commercial or private for profit events are not permitted.

C. Local Warner non-profit organizations, groups or individuals shall be given priority in reserving the meeting room. Non-residents may reserve the meeting room if they are a non-resident library card holder. Users under age 18 must be supervised by an adult. When only one adult is in the room with minor(s) the door must be kept open.

D. All events must be open to the public and free of charge: however, attendees may be charged for supplies associated with the event. The nature of the event should be publicly available. As a public meeting, non-members may enter, may ask for the nature of the meeting, and may not be excluded if they wish to remain.
Exceptions to the “open to the public” when approved by staff, are for instructional groups, personalized tutoring, or individuals needing privacy for online two-way verbal communication or interactive instruction that would be a disturbance to other library users. However, Library staff may enter the meeting room at any time.

E. Additional Conditions:
-Size of the group: Number attending may not exceed level determined for fire safety or health
-No parent or guardian attending a meeting or program in the meeting room may leave any child under the age of eight (8) unattended in the library. (refer to Unattended Children Policy in the Library’s Code of Conduct and Child Safety Policies) Parents of children over eight (8) that will be unattended should let the staff know they are in a meeting.
-No petitions may be circulated outside the meeting room, or left in the library. Library patrons may not be approached with petitions (refer to Petitions and Display policies)
-Organizations may collect dues at a meeting, but cannot make payment of dues a requirement for attendance at a meeting. A donation box may be placed in the meeting room during the meeting.

F. Any group or individual using the meeting room shall be responsible for setting up the meeting room and for cleaning up and restoring the room to its original condition before leaving, including rearrangement of furniture. Any user doing damage to the room or its furnishings, or leaving it in bad order will be charged for cleaning or repairs. The Library reserves the right to require a deposit before that user will be able to make another reservation.

G. To use the room, a reservation must be made with the library staff to avoid conflicts in scheduling.
The room reservation includes the use of the meeting room and the public restrooms. It does not include the other parts of the Library. Meetings that require proof of permissions from the Warner Selectboard, or proof of insurance, may be tentatively scheduled up to 3 months in advance. Proofs must be submitted to the Director at least 1 week before the scheduled reservation date.

H. When reserving the room users should notify the staff if specific resources will be needed, such as the projector, computer access, additional seating or extension cords. Library staff are not available to assist in running AV equipment during meetings. If needed, training should be scheduled and received.

I. The room may be used at times when the Library itself is closed, but arrangements for access
when the library is closed must be made in advance.

J. The kitchenette may be used for serving beverages and light refreshments. Users must provide their own food, beverages, cups and other supplies. The kitchen and its equipment must be cleaned after use, and any unused food, supplies, and excessive trash removed.

K. No smoking is allowed in the Frank Maria Room, or anywhere else in the Library.

L. Events which include alcohol require the advance permission of the Warner Selectboard in order to comply with Town and State liquor laws. Written proof of permission from the Selectboard must be provided to the library at least 1 week in advance of the event to confirm the final reservation.

M. Events must end by 10:00 PM and must comply with the Town and State ordinances, such as those for parking and alcoholic beverages, raffles and noise.

N. Unless an exception is made by the Pillsbury Free Library Board of Trustees, the Frank Maria Room will not be available for non-library activities on Holidays.

O. If the Library is forced to close as the result of storms or other extraordinary circumstances, the applicant will be notified, if possible, by the Library, but it is each organization’s responsibility to notify those who would be attending any meeting. The Library is not responsible for any costs incurred by any organization as a result of such closing.

P. Organizations meeting in the library may not use the library as a mailing address. The Library’s telephone number can not be used on publicity for the event, nor can library sponsorship be implied in any publicity for the meeting. Only the Library’s location may be used.

Q. Placing of directional signs or any other items may be done only with the permission of the library staff. No tacks, nails, or tape may be used on walls.

R. The Library, its officers, and staff are not responsible for any articles left at the Library.

S. Failure to abide by the Library’s Meeting Room Policy may result in the cancellation or refusal of future reservations. A signed copy of the Room Reservation Form must be on file with the Library prior to the meeting date.

T. All individuals, groups, or organizations holding a meeting, event or function in the Library, must sign the Pillsbury Free Library Hold Harmless Agreement.

U. An exception to any of the above requires a formal request in writing submitted to the Board of Trustees for consideration at least sixty days prior to the scheduled event. The Board of Trustees may approve, approve with conditions or deny any such request in its sole and unfettered discretion.

Mail to:

Board of Trustees, Pillsbury Free Library, PO Box 299, Warner, NH 03278
or hand deliver to:
Board of Trustees, Pillsbury Free Library
18 E. Main St., Warner, NH 03278

Meeting room availability calendar (note: this may not always be completely up to date).

Equipment available in the meeting room (or available on request)

Frank Maria Meeting Room Reservation Form
Meeting Room Hold Harmless Agreement Form

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